live review

Looking not unlike a souped up nineties verion of The Johnnys, Orange County have been gaining notoriety for their mighty live show exploits. With the cow punks from "the County" riding shotgun to a frontman who doesn't mind taking a leaf out of Lux Interior (the Cramps) book of stage antics as he methodically goes about shocking and confusing the audience.
The honourable sherriff Carl Musker constantly finds himself leaving his deputies behind on stage to wander out amoungest the masses of would-be followers and to menace the uninitiated with his version of Las Vegas style pornstar sleaze that's gone horribly wrong. All the while the boys keep teh pistons firing as they thump out the raucous backbeat of sweat and swill that makes up the impressionable sound that is Orange County.
To pigeonhole this four piece pose into a particular musical category isn't really fair, for their influences are vast and vaired , from the outlaw county music of Johnny Cash to the garaged muddy swamp of the Gun Club and thev Scientist, the rockabilly taunts of the Blasters through to the sheer grit and intensity of the legendary Beasts of Bourbon and the tenacios punk rock'n roll of the Humpers and the devil Dogs.
Orange County comes across as some kind of crazy redneck fuelled rock'n'roll raunch that keeps you guessing as to what wiil happen next. Never letting up,working hard to enthral and captivate the ever growing legion of County minded punters . Riding out of the dust to unleash their own brand of sizzling rockin' mayhem upon a much appreciative crowd.
An Orange County live how-down encompasses many different elements and moods that are showcased throughout the course of a set. But two things remain constant and they are the enthusiasm and general eagerness that Orange County has towards performing live and the fact that the County lads love to have a rollicking good time and with that in mind the audience responds accordingly, jumping in to be part of the frenzied assult that is primarily about having a rip tearin' blast of a time.
As for the album 'Shootin' from the Hip' all of the above ingredients that make Orange County such an explosive powerkeg in the live area are transferred and come together to culminate in a power packed  superpunch of wild ,raw and exhaustive barnstompin' rantings that knocks you down with a wrecking ball. Flooring you to the deck and finding yourself lying in their tracks,left to choke on the dust of Orange County.
the county feels it is filling a sarced realm that sadly in more resent times has gone into hiatus, with the general public being lead like lambs to the slaughter by means of mass media manipulation. This vehical has encouraged venues and bands alike to compromise on their standings and opt for a safer form of enertainment? But Orange County believes that all is not lost and feels that this territory needs to be made available and needs to be documated in the hope that others will be inspired to rise up from beyondthe current state of electronically sythesized dirge and see that the road to enlightenment is and always will be through good old fashoin rock'n'roll.

                                      Hang'em high, 
                                                                Richo  (Rollin Stone)